Why The Texoma Bride Guide Isn’t Working For You And What To Do About It

One of the best things about the Texoma Bride Guide is that we are local and focus all our marketing efforts to local brides. We don’t advertise in Dallas or Oklahoma City, although there is no reason brides in those markets shouldn’t want your services!

But you also have to keep in mind the market we work in. These couples don’t have $50,000 budgets to spend on weddings, most of them are budget brides looking to create the day of their dreams on a shoestring budget. Most of them are doing all the leg work themselves, so the Texoma Bride Guide is a great resource for them- we try to be a one-stop shop.

Here’s the thing: The Texoma Bride Guide, The Knot, Wedding Wire, and similar sites are useless in bringing in leads if your website and marketing materials aren’t attractive. Drool-worthy even. Think of these sites as the wedding industry equivalent of a dating website where potential customers are swiping around and making snap decisions based on what they see. They aren’t booking you based on what you are or are not showing them.

It’s ok to brag a little, we both know you do amazing work. You just have to SHOW potential customers this.

You absolutely can not rely on The Texoma Bride Guide to be the sole marketing tool for your business. Again, this means you have to have a marketing strategy already in place to help capture and bring those brides in; you can’t just put a few images on the site and all of the sudden just expect to get tons of views and inquires. You still need a service or product that is marketable and desirable to the brides in your target audience. We can bring the leads to your front door, but after that, it is up to you to draw them in and close the deal.

The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to “hear” your message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy your product or service. It’s a marketing maxim developed by the movie industry in the 1930s that still holds true today. Today, without a clearly-defined marketing strategy to map out how you’ll touch that prospect at least 7 times, your odds of success are pretty slim. In fact, today you might need more than those 7 times just to be heard above all the clutter that’s in people’s Newsfeeds or fields of vision.

It is safe to think of the Texoma Bride Guide as 2 or 3 of those 7 touches. Through our social media and marketing efforts, we are getting your business exposed.  If you participate in one of our Expo events, we might be able to get you another exposure or two.

So what can you do to get someone to ‘swipe right?’ (The Tinder equivalent of liking you.)

  • Define your target audience: I have spent the last 12 years of my life in the field of User Experience. I devote the majority of my time getting into the minds of the users of a particular thing and figuring out how to get them to buy more. You have to do this with your business. You cannot be all things to everyone. That is exhausting.I will give you an example: The Texoma Bride Guide’s audience is the DIY Bride. She has a smaller budget, probably less than $15,000, she probably can’t hire a full-on planner and will be doing most of the wedding planning herself.
  • Social media participation: We know it’s a lot to manage more than one social media channel and do it well. Trust us, it takes a team of 3 to manage our 4 channels. But you have to be posting. If we’re sending a prospective client to your social media page and you haven’t posted in the last six weeks, they will bounce and move on to your competition. It’s ok to take a vacation, it’s ok to take a week off. But you can pre-schedule your posts so that your profile is still active while you’re on the beach. Find a schedule that works for you and do some tinkering to figure out what social channels work best for you.  Also, we can’t share your social media posts on our pages if you’re not posting!

    P.S. Cadence Studios can help!

  • Reviews: We currently don’t support reviews on our website, but we’re getting there. However, brides will be looking at your Facebook page and they want to read reviews from previous clients.There is nothing wrong with a bad review. We are all human, mistakes happen. The problem comes with how you handle it. And you need to handle it and make a visible effort to resolve any conflict.
  • Your website: Don’t have one? Contact us. We need to fix that ASAP.When was the last time you posted a new blog? Brides want to see your work. They want to learn about you and get to know your personality. They want to see pictures of your process and learn about the wedding you shot last weekend. Or maybe you did a family shoot at this great location. They want to see that too. And guess what, depending on your website platform you can probably pre-schedule these too. And set them up to auto-post on your social media channels.

    When was the last time you updated the photos in your portfolio on your site? Take some time this week and upload those photos from that amazing wedding you shot over the winter.

    Your website is a space that you have absolute control over. No Facebook or Instagram branding all over the place, you’re not at the mercy of their legal battles or downtime. It works together with your social media channels to be a handful of those 7 touchpoints.

If you need assistance in implementing any of these recommendations or want to brainstorm other ideas on how to market your business, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you come up with more ideas on how to increase your ROI for Texoma Bride Guide. That’s what makes us different. We’re more than just a directory listing – helping you market your business is our bread and butter!