What Does Baseball Have To Do With Content Marketing?

Consistency in content creation is crucial. To use a baseball metaphor, you want to get on base. The more batters you get on base, the more likely you are to score. In order to play content moneyball, you have to come up with hundreds of ideas so you can create fresh, useful content on a frequent basis.

So, how do you do generate all these topics so you can then write about them?

First, you really have to deeply understand your customer’s pain points and create content around that. All the work we have done previously in mapping out the customer journey, understanding our audience and creating personas, and identifying our strategic initiatives all map back those pain points.

Looking for ideas?

Here are some topics that everyone wants to know about:

  • Cost/price
  • Problems/issues
  • Comparisons
  • What’s the best or top of
  • Answer common questions

A quick note on price: Even if you’re not willing to list your actual pricing on your website, which is totally fine, you still should be discussing price and setting the customer’s expectations around what to expect for their investment. This type of content does very well not only on the search engines for also for you. Educating potential customers around what it takes, what hard costs and variables are involved go a long way in reducing sticker shock when you do finally give them a number.

A rising tide lifts all boats. The more content you write that is well researched and around answering the questions that your audience has, the search engines are going to start picking up on it and boosting your domain. Search engines wants authorities and you want the search engines to see your website as the authority. Give the search engines a reason to believe you are the authority on your topic.

Need more ideas?

Hhere are how the professionals do it once they've exhausted all of the above topics:

  • Go through your emails. What questions are you answering over and over and over again?
  • Google Suggest- this is one of the biggest industry secrets
  • Related and People also Ask- At the bottom of a search results page is a list of other search terms that are common
  • Use keyword planners to help you come up with popular search terms
  • YouTube search bar -even though it’s owned by Google, YouTube is a separate platform with different content

A Tip on Headlines

We want to get away from ambiguous and journalistic headlines meant for headlines. No one will find your content because that’s not how we search. Google understand semantics these days and we want to write naturally, and title your content so that it will get found.

For example:

  • How much does a bridal bouquet cost?
  • How much alcohol do I need to serve?
  • Can I finance my wedding?
  • Fondant vs buttercreme

Once you have your thoughts gathered and your expertise documented, publish these on your website and then share them across all your channels.