We Love Our Members

The Texoma Bride Guide is a one-of-a-kind member organization dedicated to promoting wedding professionals in the Texoma and North Texas area. We have such amazingly talented businesses in this area, we want to help all of them shine.

So there is no confusion and to help minimize questions, we have put together a list of our policies and tips to help each and every one of our member businesses be successful while working with us!

Making the Most of Your Texoma Bride Guide Membership

The Texoma Bride Guide will be useless in bringing in leads for your business if you do not represent your business in a professional and legitimate way online. This includes not only your profile on our website, but your website, social media channels and any other branded collateral you put out there.

Images are truly worth a thousand words and first impressions are everything.

You absolutely can not rely on The Texoma Bride Guide to be the sole marketing tool for your business. Again, this means you have to have a marketing strategy already in place to help capture and bring those brides in; you can’t just put a few images on the site and all of the sudden just expect to get tons of views and inquires. You still need a service or product that is marketable and desirable to the brides in your target audience. We can bring the leads to your front door, but after that, it is up to you to draw them in and close the deal.

Plain speaking: No one is going to give your profile or your business a second glance if its not sexy, modern and up-to-date. They will move on to your competitor without a backwards glance.

If you want more, we wrote a whole blog on tips and tricks for being successful with the Texoma Bride Guide, or any digital marketing efforts.

Magazine Publishing Policies

We publish our wedding planning magazine twice a year, in January and August. The deadlines below are for the submission of work, ads and new vendors.  We do send out several reminders of the deadlines to our members, but if no ad artwork is submitted, your ad spot is forfeit.

If no ad artwork is submitted, your ad spot is forfeit.

If you complete your membership between this deadline and the release date of the magazine, you may not be in that issue of the magazine. We will do what we can to get your business into the magazine, but we send the magazine to the publisher at least a month before the scheduled release date.

Deadlines are as follows:

  • January Issue: November 15th
  • August Issue: June 15th

All submissions must meet these requirements for publishing:

  • Artwork should be sent as high-resolution print-ready PDFs / TIFFs / JPEGs. Photoshop and InDesign files are acceptable as well, as long as fonts and images are linked
  • All artwork must be NO LESS than 300dpi in CMYK
  • Dimensions will vary based on size purchased. For full bleed ads, please allow for a 1/8″ bleed

If you are unable to do your own artwork or do not have a designer to do this for you, Cadence Studios offers an ad design package for $75 regardless of size. Discounted upgrades are also available.

Texoma Bride Guide Wedding Planning Magazine
Texoma Bride Guide Magazine Distribution Policies

Magazine Distribution Policies

At the Texoma Bride Guide, our goal for our members is to understand the value of community over competition. We fully understand that your competitors could very well be listed in the magazine along-side you, but there is plenty of wedding work to go around and your work should speak for itself. You can’t be all things to all couples, and it’s okay to not fit their style or have availability in your schedule for them.

We use four methods to distribute our magazines:

  1. We launch each new issue at each of our Texoma Wedding Expo events. Each decision-maker who attends gets a complimentary copy of the latest issue of our wedding planning magazine.
  2. At these events, we also distribute stacks of these magazines to our participating vendors. Priority is given to vendor members with physical locations, but we do our best to make sure that every vendor member gets a couple of copies. We rely on our vendor members to distribute our magazines as they meet with wedding planning couples throughout the year.
  3. Each fall, we purchase booth space at several of the large outdoor fall events such as Whitesboro’s Peanut Festival which typically has over 20,000 people come through. We do this to raise awareness of our brand going into engagement season and to distribute copies of the magazine to all who are interested.
  4. We publish the digital version of our magazine online and drive traffic to it through several different channels.

If we have any physical copies of our magazine left over after all of these attempts to distribute, we are more than happy to share what we have with our vendor members for continued distribution.

Through our parent company, Cadence Studios, we are also able to sponsor several events throughout the year to help spread awareness for our business and more importantly- YOURS!

The Easiest Way to Get Featured on Social Media

The easiest way to get featured on our social media channels is to post on yours. All of our Gold members get one branded shout out from us each quarter, but we also try to use the work of all of our vendors when we’re posting wedding planning tips and tricks. We can’t feature your business if you’re not giving us anything to use. Also, we’re not going to share any work that isn’t wedding related- no birthday cakes, no family photo shoots, no Mother’s Day flower arrangements.

We also do our best to share your posts on Instagram stories and Facebook. Keep in mind that you are trying to get as much exposure for your business as you can. It takes about seven different exposures to your brand before someone will reach out to you. Let us help! But we can’t help if you’re not promoting your business too.

Pro tip: Tagging us (@txomabrideguide) or using our hashtag (#texomabrideguide) make it easier for us to find your post, but it’s still not a guarantee that we’ll see or be able to share.

How to Get Featured on the Texoma Bride Guide's Social Media Channels
Social Media Tools for Texoma Bride Guide Members

Social Media Tools

As part of your membership contract, you have agreed to mention the Texoma Bride Guide on your social channels at least once a quarter. We appreciate your help in letting your fans know that there is a resource that can help make their wedding planning journey as easy as possible. We have several ways to make this super easy for you!

  • Use one of our member badges and share on your social media channels- be sure to tag us too!
  • Bonus: Use one of these badges and embed it on your website. Make sure to link it back to www.texomabrideguide.com (you could link it to your profile page if you wanted!)
    • Pro tip: links to other sites from your site are great for SEO!
  • Celebrate being published by us- either in the magazine or on our blog by sharing a link or photo with your audience
  • Share a link to your ad or featured image in the digital version of our magazine

Pro Tip: In the Social Media Marketing world, there is a concept known as ‘pods.’ A pod is a network of businesses that gets together to like and share each other’s content to help it spread organically. If you’re looking for good content to like and share to support other small businesses, consider liking and sharing our content or those of your fellow Texoma Bride Guide members. This concept also furthers our mission to focus on community over competition.

Official Communication Emails

Our primary method of communication with our vendors is email. The email you registered with is the email we will be sending all official communications to. If you would like us to send them to a different email address, please let us know. To ensure you’re getting all of our emails in your primary inbox, make sure you whitelist us! Click here for instructions.

We send out a few emails each month including a marketing tips and tricks email at the beginning.  Plus you’ll be the first to know when we open up registration for our events.  But if our emails aren’t getting through to you, you will miss these important updates and you won’t receive the full benefit of being a valued Texoma Bride Guide member!

If this email ends up in your junk folder, you’ll miss out on all our updates, notices of deadlines and event registration. If you unsubscribe, you’ll miss out on these as well. It only takes a second, but it’ll help you make sure nothing slips through the cracks!

Official Communications from The Texoma Bride Guide
Submitting Work to the Texoma Bride Guide


Have an event coming up? Use our submissions page (or shoot us an email) and let us know so we can help spread the word and celebrate with you!  Better yet, add us as a co-host to your Facebook event so that it also appears in our list of events. It will make it easier for us to see and share.

We also invite all our members to submit content for us to publish on our blog. Our mission is education over inspiration so we don’t accept styled shoots or real weddings BUT if you want to put together some content on how to put together an element from a styled shoot, that type of educational content is what we’re after. If you’re looking for topic recommendations, hop over to our submissions page for ideas.

Using Your Discount

All members of the Texoma Bride Guide get a discount when they use our parent company, Cadence Studios, for any of their event production or marketing needs.

Need a website, or to make updates to an existing one? Is a form not working or you want to install Google Analytics so you can track the traffic coming to your site and learn more about what they want? Cadence Studios has built sites for many small businesses and has years of experience in taking a look under the hood of a website.

Want to put on a concert or wedding show at your venue? Cadence Studios specializes in live event productions. You bring the talent, we’ll do the rest- from rider compliance to staging, lighting and audiovisual equipment- we’re the local experts.

Have you been considering putting together a video for your business? Do you want to do an explainer video and talk about your services, or a virtual tour to highlight the features of your venue? Contact Cadence Studios today to take advantage of their exceptional service and use your discount!

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