The Importance of Knowing Your Customer’s Journey

Why do we want to focus on the customer journey? Companies who map their customer journeys see an increase in ROI, a decrease in customer service costs, an increase in customer referrals, a decrease in average sales cycle length, and an increase in up/cross-sells. We all want those things, right?

By understanding more about your customers and what they’re going through, you’re able to be there every step of the way providing guidance and stay top of mind as the expert in your field.

The purpose of mapping out your customer’s journey is to understand the steps they take to purchase your product or service. It’s understanding how long your sales cycle is so that you have the right marketing that follows your potential customers throughout the entire cycle. It’s writing out all the steps a customer takes to solve their problem with or without you. So let’s make sure you’re there with them.

This process is not hard or scary, and every business should do it. The customer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that need to be answered typically along four phases: awareness, consideration, decision, and advocacy. To create your journey map, ask yourself what kinds of points are they touching at each phase of the journey (search engines, social media, print media, etc.), what are they asking, what are they feeling?

What does your businesses customer journey look like?


Your goal in any potential customer’s awareness phase is to get your business in front of them. This is where the Texoma Bride Guide is most useful.

Goal: Grow your audience
Tactics to use: Content creation, traditional advertising (print, radio, tv), organic and paid social

Don’t forget to measure through analytics! You want to know what is working and what isn’t so you can fine-tune your strategy.


Someone is doing research, they’ve been to your site, how do you keep them there How are you providing them the right resources and information to be insightful?

Goal: Increase engagement, get a potential customer to know, like and trust you!
Tactics: Content, need to understand our audience, can start retargeting with paid media, can understand user behaviors on the website, consider conversion rate optimization, organic/paid social

Search Optimization begins to become important. They now know they have a pain point and we need to be able to answer what questions they have.


We can’t let them drop off and go to a competitor!
Goal: We want that potential customer who has been considering you to become an actual paying customer!
Tactics: Lead nurturing through email becomes vital! Meant to help you increase conversions and hold on to customers as they consider you. Stay top of mind, continue to educate them and continue to build that know, like and trust factor.


How can the people who became our customers with us help tell our story to others who are researching?

Goal: Get your customers to help you get more customers!
Tactics: Creating content around success stories: case studies, testimonials, reviews, customer outreach

To be successful with content marketing, we have to take into consideration all these tactics and channels along the path of the customer journey. This exercise is useful in defining where we have gaps and where we need to devote the most attention to.

In our March email, we’ll start talking about strategy and what to do with the Customer Journey you have mapped out. There is a fine line between no strategy and too much strategy- flying by the seat of your pants and analysis paralysis. Without a strategy, you’ll completely miss the target of what you’re aiming for.

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