The easiest way to look more professional now!

Quiz time!

Which of the following looks more professional:

A) [email protected]
B) [email protected]

If you answered B you are correct!

Here’s the thing: unless you’re using an email address that is @yourdomain, you appear unprofessional. Not only does it LOOK unprofessional for you to be using a free email service like Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail, you are also sacrificing a great opportunity to get the name of your company on the mind of this new contact.

Owning a domain and using it for email services simply looks more legitimate. It means that your business is doing well enough to have the resources to spend on a website and an email. And, of course, having an address that reads @yourdomain helps people to remember your brand.

Think about it: would any successful business believe that investing in their own domain and email is too high a cost?

That’s where G Suite comes in. The email offering within G Suite is simply a business version of Gmail. No training is needed for current Gmail users. Yes, you read that right. To access my professional Texoma Bride Guide email, I use the exact same website and have the same experience as my personal Gmail account.

G Suite does come at a cost, but the minimal per user per month fee for the basic version is worth every penny if it encourages a potential customers to do business with you. It might be one of the easier costs you’ve had to justify.

If you already own a domain for your website that you got from a provider such as GoDaddy or Bluehost, there’s a straightforward one-time setup needed to use the same domain for your G Suite email addresses. If you don’t own your company’s domain, it’s time to take the leap and start building your online presence with a website. Just having a Facebook page isn’t going to cut it with younger couples. They’re not on Facebook as much as the already married generations. Plus, Facebook limits your marketing and customizing abilities.