How to Take Advantage of the Off-season

Winter is traditionally the slow season for weddings and therefore, wedding professionals. If you’re booked solid, congrats! But don’t overlook the value of spending time on your business. If you’re slow, I hope you expected this and have budgeted accordingly to hold you over until business picks up again in a couple months.

Although you’re probably pumped to spend your weekends on the couch with Netflix or taking a three day weekend to somewhere tropical, be sure to take advantage of your slow season to grow your business as well. You’ll be grateful you did once peak season rolls around!

1. This is the perfect opportunity to network with other professionals in the area. We just happen to have a list of them on our website. Feel free to use it! You can use those new connections to put together an attractive discounted package to offer couples for the off-season. Couples who really want to work with you, yet can’t quite afford your regular prices, may be willing to move to an off season date. Having a venue on board is critical, since they are often the first business the couple books for the wedding.

2. Focus on your client experience which is, essentially, your business. By treating your clients well and going above and beyond with them, you open your company up to positive testimonies and potential referrals. You should make time to get organized and streamline your client experience.

Take a step back and analyze your overall client experience from start to finish. If you have a former client who you trust will be truthful, consider reaching out to pick their brain. The perk of developing these client experience procedures during the off-season is that you’ll be primed and ready to use them once the wedding season starts back up.

3. The off-season is the perfect time to submit your work to the wedding blogs that you frequent. When featured, you’re not only promoting your brand, but also inspiring brides and grooms-to-be around the world. Just remember to follow their submission rules and credit other wedding vendors in your pictures.

4. Most of us rely on reviews from others before making a purchase decision. Therefore, reviews from previous customers are important to convince mew clients. Take advantage of the off-peak season to gather as many reviews as possible from your clients to form the basis of your reliability.

If you receive a bad review, don’t freak out, don’t ignore it and most importantly, don’t delete it. Instead, stay calm while resolving the issue and don't be defensive to avoid provoking the upset client even more. It’ more important to show active, responsive customer service to resolve an outstanding issue.

5. The off-season is the perfect time to refresh your website with highlights from the previous year. It’s also the perfect time to set up automated email campaigns to make sure you stay in contact with potential leads. Don’t have a website or relying on Facebook to market your business? Contact us today to see how we can help you escape Facebook!