It’s Wedding Show Season! Don’t make this mistake.

The #1 mistake wedding vendors make at a bridal show is NOT following up after the show.

A couple typically has to see a business seven to eight times before they even notice them. If the couple meets your business at a bridal show and then never hears from you again, even if you had the most wonderful conversation you’ve ever had with a potential lead, it’s like you don’t even exist. Marketing at a bridal show is only effective if you FOLLOW UP. Otherwise you’re throwing away the chance to book those warm, pre-qualified weddings.

Here are our tips for effective Bridal Show follow up:

  • Whether you follow up by phone, email or mail, always reference how you met. “Hi, this is Kate. We met at The Texoma Wedding Expo…”
  • About half of all bride emails are read on mobile devices. Brides are no longer “reading” your message. They are skimming quickly to decide if it is important enough to read further So create your email to be short and sweet. Have a call to action in your email, like a large button linked to your portfolio and make it easy to locate.
  • Keep in mind that email is free – which means all your competition is going to do it – and the bride’s email inbox is going to be crammed with offers immediately following the show, most of which will be ignored or deleted. Add that to the fact that many savvy brides register for a wedding show with a specific email address they don’t check often, and your email is likely to be invisible.
  • Collect multiple phone numbers for the bride: work, home and cell. Try to get permission to use her cell phone number to text her.
  • Be mindful of the bride’s schedule when following up. Don’t call her at 7am when she is getting ready for work. Most likely you’ll have to leave a message, so practice what you’re going to say before you call. Better yet, write down what you want to say.

Do you have any other tips and tricks you use to follow up with couples you meet?