Is Your Website Secure? You Could Be Losing Customers.

Last month, Google released the newest version of their Chrome browser, Chrome 68. What’s important is that with this upgrade, the browser will display a “Not Secure” warning next to the website in the address bar if the site is not secured with HTTPS. The other major browsers are not far behind. This change serves to further illustrate Google’s commitment to protecting users from harm on the internet. The internet isn’t safe, but it’s safer than it was last week for people using the Chrome browser.

What does this mean for your business? Over 60% of web traffic accesses the internet using Google’s Chrome browser. Put your consumer hat on. Would you think twice about browsing an unsecured website, especially with a ‘Not Secure’ message in you face? You would be even less likely to fill out a form or make a purchase on an unsecured website. Don’t let potential customers slip away because they are unsure about what’s happening to their information.

Google also de-prioritizes un-secure sites, meaning they show up lower on the search results page. In our tiny market, not easily being found by someone searching for you can have devistaing effects on your bottom line. We’ll talk about Search Engine Optimization soon.

What does HTTPS mean, and how can I secure my website? Ever wondered what the HTTP at the beginning of a web address meant? HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is a protocol that governs communication between browsers and websites. HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides the protocol that secures and encrypts these communications such as credit card information. Information that is passed between the website and the browser is encrypted and if it is intercepted, it can’t be read without the encryption key. An SSL Certificate shows legitimacy and professionalism by ensuring your users feel protected while browsing.

No website is too small. No data is worthless. With Google Chrome 68, having a site with a valid SSL Certificate it will matter.