Are you noticing a drop in engagement on social media?

In the last several weeks, massive shockwaves have reverberated all over the online business world about the changes coming to Facebook. In 2019 we are expecting significantly reduced organic reach for both stories and posts. Instagram is owned by Facebook so any changes we see on the Facebook platform eventually trickle down to Instagram.

Instead of posting chronologically, the algorithm on Instagram prioritizes content based on what it thinks you want to see. Instagram CEO says that on average, people miss about 70% of the posts in their feed. This is making sure that the 30% they do see is the best content possible. Reach on Facebook is even worse- for the average business page, organic reach is going to cap out at 1.6% to 2%.

We as small business owners need to be more strategic about how we post so that we can be in that tiny percentage of posts that are seen by our ideal customers.

Based on GoDigital’s survey from June 2018, consumers are using social media platforms to research businesses before making purchase decisions. Consumers want to see what your business is posting, what type of services or goods you offer. They may not buy or contact you right then, we know that it takes an average of seven touch points before a decision is made, but they will decide if you’re a credible business that they might spend money at in the future. You have to have a presence on Facebook and Instagram, you can’t just rely on organic reach. And just having a profile without actively managing it isn’t going to drive customers to your business. That hasn’t worked since 2015.

To determine if your posts are creating that meaningful interactions, both Facebook and Instagram show your post to a small segment of your followers. If those followers react to those posts then the algorithm assumes that this content must be engaging, relevant and good, so it releases it to a larger set of your followers. As you get more reactions, more engagement, and tick all the boxes that Facebook is looking for to show that your posts are creating that meaningful interaction, it shows that post to more and more people. That’s how you increase your organic reach. You’ve got to be focused on meaningful interactions with every post and every ad that you create moving forward.

Good content never goes out of style, and if you focus on that – you’ll be able to weather whatever changes come our way.

What can you do?

  • Be consistent. Followers cast dead profiles aside.
  • Get out there, follow, and connect with others.
  • Like, share and comment on their posts.
  • Hearts over thumbs up: liking a post is good, but loving, laughing, etc is more meaningful.
  • Peak time posts- your profiles should be set up as businesses which gives you access to analytics. You can see when your audience is online and interacting with content. Post during these times.

You may have noticed that we have been sharing and engaging content that our members post across the primary social media platforms. This is to try to help boost your engagement, to show Facebook and Instagram that your content is meaningful. If you’re not posting and sharing on social media, we can’t like, share or engage with it.