5 Ways to Avoid Burnout

We’ve all been there. Your business is going great, you have everything under control and then boom! All of a sudden you are exhausted, tired of working and starting to burn out. It’s something I experience periodically in my personal life and work life. While I absolutely love what I get to do every single day, I do have the occasional ups and downs, which is normal with any job!

I firmly believe that we are all a constant work in progress- always trying to work learn how to work smarter, not harder. Here are some things I have done to avoid burnout in the past:

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

This is a tough habit for me. From the Texoma Bride Guide point of view, I see what some of the bigger vendor directories with more manpower and bigger resources are doing and feel like I’m not enough. I feel like I am totally doing things wrong. Or I need to be doing twice as much.

I know that I can’t compare what we’re doing to what they’re doing. Building a group of business owners that emphasizes community over competition is at the heart that we do at the Texoma Bride Guide. I cheer my peers on, get really excited for them, celebrate their victories and then go back to doing my own thing to help support your business.

Organize Your Business

As a business owner, you might be working more hours than you like or even imagined. I know I have days like that. Being organized is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success. What is the best way you stay organized? Find a system that works for you. There are endless resources online and in stores that are designed to help you streamline your business. I always feel a little more together when my toolset makes me feel good. I’m a big fan of planners and notebooks.

Create Goals with Realistic End Dates

Most businesses aren’t overnight success stories. Be prepared to invest in yourself and take the time to get where you want to be. It is more realistic to develop a plan for how long it will take to achieve your goals rather than assume you will be able to accomplish everything you want overnight.

With that in mind, visualize where you want to be in the next 3 months, six months and year. Write down your goals, give yourself a date that you think you can accomplish a task and set up milestones to get you there. Even better, put those milestones on your to-do list so you can cross them off when you accomplish them. Crossing something off a list is quite cathartic, isn’t it?


One of the best ways to get more things done is to outsource some of your business responsibilities. For example, if you’re not tech-savvy and spend hours trying to work on your website, social media or email campaigns, maybe you should consider outsourcing these things so you can focus on ways to bring in money and focus on growing your business. Figure out what takes up most of your time and then add up how much time it takes you to accomplish that task. Then figure out what you else you could accomplish and make money doing if you were outsourcing that time-consuming task.

Take a Break

I never know when burnout will hit me. Sometimes I feel like it comes out of nowhere; other times I can feel it building up. It can become an easy habit to feel like you have to work all the time in order to be successful. Set aside sometime every day to exercise or eat lunch away from your desk.