3 Idiot Proof Ways to Conquer Your Branding

How about that header, huh? It’s different than you’ve seen before. Did we change our branding? Nope. I just thought it looked pretty. (I’m kidding!) Are you confused because it doesn’t align with all the other visual collateral you’ve seen from the Texoma Bride Guide? That’s because I made it to help me illustrate the importance of branding.

Branding is so much more than just colors, fonts and logo marks. It’s the core and perceived image of your business, the emotional connection brides feel when engaging with you on a digital or social level, the tone of voice in your phone conversations and postings, your marketing strategy and even your wardrobe.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the paragraph above. Here are three simple things you can do to ensure that everything related to your business is always ‘onbrand:’

1. Create a logo (or have one created) that you love that represents the emotion you brides to get upon their impression of your business. Are you fun and flirty? Are you serious and professional? Are you uber creative and quirky? There is nothing wrong with any of that and there is a bride that wants your particular flavor of service.

2. Pick a color scheme that does the same thing. Is yellow your favorite color? Awesome! Use that. You don’t have to get all scientific about the psychology of color or where the colors are in relation to each other on the color wheel. Just do what feels good. (Or hire a branding agency to help with this.) Be sure to get the Hex color values for the colors you like, the combination of letters and numbers that start with a #. For example, Texoma Bride Guide blue is #515467. These are what you will use when creating any kind of collateral moving forward.

Color scheme generator tools:

3. Once you complete steps 1 and 2, use them everywhere and consistently – on your website, on social media, on your business cards, signage and print materials. This will ensure that couples who discover you on one channel will know that they’re looking at the same company when they find you on another- for example going from social media to your webpage.

This is the most important: STICK TO IT. Remember how I used a different color and logo in the header up above? Did it make you feel uncomfortable? Like you weren’t sure if you were supposed to receive this email? That’s because those colors and fonts aren’t our branding.